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Waste management
Converting waste into energy
Renewable energy

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It‘s our goal to get waste management in the Middle East to state-of-the-art levels together with our partners, to implement innovative models of renewable energies. Our focus being transfer of technology, implementation of sustainable technologies, and long-lived, reliable and robust design.

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Wetro GmbH is a characteristic company for import and export business. We are specialized in the acquisition of technical aggregates, facilities, and spare parts for the industries of petrochemistry, oil industry, and steel.

We cooperate with Swiss company Rovi Energie AG as a technical consultant in the areas of waste management, renewable energies, engineering services, feasibility studies, and consultancy.

Our product portfolio in waste management encompasses initial waste treatment with the appropriate mechanical and biological processing, creation and purification of biogas, and manufacturing of substitute fuel pellets, and stretches all the way to energy generation in decentralized energy production facilities using substitute fuels.

Naturally, the creation of biogas and the generation of electricity using solar energy are all within the domain of renewable energies.