Whether wet or dry. We find the right plantation technology.

We like to take the challenge to find the suitable plantation technology for your input materials. We include the input materials’ specific requirements from the beginning on, to both be able to fulfil any and all local prerequisites and to implement an efficient as possible concept. Depending on the biogas’ quality produced, we help you choose a proper gas pre-cleaning for later use as electricity producer, as bio methane or as fuel.

Our partner for the production of biogas is Thöni Industriebetriebe Gmbh from Telfs in Austria. Thöni produces biogas for more than 25 years and realised numerous facilities based on the principles of both dry and wet fermentation. Due to their high vertical range of manufacture and constant development, the facilities are tremendously robust and reliable.

Thöni Dry Fermentation

The procedure is ideal to ferment organic waste. This includes biowaste, green waste, food waste and kitchen waste as well as organics from residual waste.

During the mechanical processing, the preprocessing and intermediate storage of the input materials take place. Afterwrads, the processed biomass is continuously added to the dry fermenter, where biogas is extracted using the plug flow technique.

The digested resulting at the end of the fermentation is dehydrated in Thöni extruding presses. The biogas extracted can be used to produce energy later.

Modular sizes from 1.300 up to 2.250 m³ allow optimisation of investment costs, depending on the desired performance.

TTV Facility components

Depending on their individual size, the fermenters are able to process 20.000 to 35.000 metric tonnes of bio garbage each year. For larger amounts, facilities can be connected in a modular fashion. Thöni TTV facilities produce environmental-friendly biogas, high-quality compost soil and liquid plant fertiliser.

Please find further details on Thöni TTV facilities on the reference sheet on the project Augsburg.