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We combine technical knowledge and sociocultural competence in our strengths. Our business is about setting up both tried and new solutions in a new market. It is important to be able to draw on long-lived experiences and references. We find answers to difficult questions together with our partners and can solve issues oriented towards customers. Aside from technical knowledge, cultural understanding of the Middle East is of utmost importance. Our multicultural team brings a lot of experience in international plant construction and business.


Contacts and network are half the battle! Our team has excellent contacts in our business areas. We‘re locally represented with a subsidiary in Iran, in the heart of our market. Our teams in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are always familiar with state-of-the-art technology and create the bridge between partner relation and customer contact. Our partnerships with the most important universities in Iran reinforce our network. This is how we also have access to excellent specialists in science and technology.


We‘re in between European companies that want to place their products in the target country and the customer who wants to run a functional plant. At that, it is important to know all the products very well and to understand the market mechanisms in the target country to be able to place the correct product. For us, this is mostly about three factors that we focus: economic efficiency, operator usability and sustainable project support (service & maintenance). These three factors are the needs of all customers on which we focus.

Welcoming Letter

January 16th, 2016 was a special day for the Iranian people:

On Implementation Day, many economic and financial sanctions against Iran were lifted. A market with over 80 million inhabitants has returned to world trade. Saturated by eastern goods and in the aftermath of the previous western sanctions, the demand for European and especially German technologies has risen as never before…

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