Conference in Aschaffenburg Chamber of Commerce – October 2016

Subject: Iran´s Trading capacity and Business opportunities

Presentation by: Dariyoush M.Hadi & Reinhard Walk (WETRO), Business executives directors from different areas and also Mr.Rene Harun from German-Iranian Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

Audiences: Aschaffenburg members of the Chamber of Commerce, Trading companies, Business services companies and

Schedule: 10/25/2016

Seminar duration: 4 hours – with B2b & Q.A


1. The presence of over 50 German companies active in the field of trade and commerce and international transport.
2. Familiarity with the rules of trade between Iran and Germany Warranty/guarantee and insurance (Hermes insurance).
3. Gaining familiarity with banking laws to international transactions (especially with Iran) by the bank SPARKASSE.
4. The Presentation of Managing Director of the German-Iranian Chamber of Commerce for business development strategies between the two countries. (With official support common chamber of commerce)